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                Zhucheng jintai food machinery co., LTD
                      Zhucheng jintai food machinery co., LTD is one of the earlier sterilization pot manufacturer in China,Products include computer fully automatic、Computer aided、Electrical semi-automatic、General manual、Sandwich pot、Air shower, etc8A series200A number of varieties of products,Company business principle“With science and technology to create the market,Customers with quality service,To serve the development of the market”,By constantly absorbing foreign technology and its improvements,To make“Fully automatic lateral jet sterilization pot”And“Automatic double circulating hot water sterilization”Matures,Quality is more stable and reliable。The company has r&d center and testing center,Can complete all the sterilization pot before deliveryFDARequiredFTest value and heat distribution。
                  Inverter technology is applied to sterilization pot at home,Completely solved the sterilization pot in the history of the two big technical problems(Fast cooling and noise is too big),Thus greatly reduced the rate of breakage and get a bag packaging,Make more smooth and beautiful appearance。
                  Zhucheng jintai food machinery co., LTD,The specialty is engaged in the high temperature sterilization pot's research and development and manufacturing,The main products are various types computer automatic spray type high temperature and high pressure sterilization pot、Computer automatic double circulating hot water high temperature and high pressure sterilization pot、Two parallel pot hot water circulation type sterilization pot(Fully automatic/Semi-automatic type)、Semi-automatic double circulating hot water sterilization pot、Ordinary horizontal sterilization pot,Electric steam dual purpose sterilization pot、Fuel type sterilization pot、Rotary type sterilization pot、Fixed(Tilting)Sandwich pot、Stainless steel air shower room, etc,More than 20 series....