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Shanxi taiyuan shengda sincere covers facilities is a design、Production、Sales、Installation for the integration of enterprises,Company factory for many years,Committed to the municipal road facilities,Stainless steel covers,Nodular cast iron manhole covers、The rain perforated strainer、Polymer composite resin manhole covers、The rain perforated strainer、Stainless steel contact manhole covers、The rain perforated strainer、Ductile iron pipes、Tech ladder、Garden sprinkler irrigation facilities manufacturing enterprises。。 Companies engaged in the manhole cover production28Years of production experience,Has developed a variety of new type of nodular cast iron manhole covers、Water perforated strainer。In the company2004Years should be at home and abroad market needs to produce polymer composites molding resin manhole covers、Well grate。The company equipped with advanced quality testing instruments and professional technical personnel,Products comply withISO900001:2000Industry standard。...

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Shanxi taiyuan shengda sincere manhole cover manufacturers
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Address:Taiyuan city, Shanxi Province jin lunan weir industrial zone in the source area of old jin temple