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Cashmere--From nature's treasures


China's high-end cashmere

  China's house that featured quality cashmere,Is one very fine and curved fiber,Is grown in goat skin surface,Mask in goats, coarse roots of a thin layer of fine wool,Warmth retention property is strong,Than cashmere wool and many mountains,Light weight,Soft,Good toughness,Soft soft,Very comfortable!


  Cashmere cashmere sweater is made of the surface with a layer of thin cloth with soft nap,Natural soft luster,Suede rich lightsome,Soft and fine,Comfortable and smooth soft waxy,Close-fitting wear will not have a tickling feeling。

Originality process



Advanced weaving technology

Italian design,China's manufacturing,Cashmere inheritance family


True My Elegant Demeanor.

Italian design China's manufacturing Cashmere inheritance family

True My Elegant Demeanor.

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