Seven whistling, science and technology

Who we are?

Seven whistling network technology co., LTD., established in chenzhou2007Years,Is a mobile phoneAPPThe development and operation、Construction and operation of the network technology company website。Have a young and dynamic80After the technical development team,Development over a lot of influential websites and mobile phonesAPP,Across the country have three disposal company,Which located in chenzhou, hunan province、Hubei wuhan、Shenzhen, guangdong province。

We uphold the technology innovation and achieve the best user experience,Through the analysis of market demand,From the plan、Demand、Technology to the operation and service,Strive to do our best in every aspect,Aimed at“With professional skills and do extraordinary study attitudeAPP”。

What we do?

  • Help is a hungry goods provide food for electric business platform,Specialty snack food from all over the country,The characteristics of pollution-free agricultural products spot food to take home。
  • Pocket chenzhou chenzhou recruitment information to build online talent of chenzhou city,And provide free advertising information platform,Chenzhou city is the largest and most professional information network!
  • Women's menstrual warm safety period can record and forecast、Easy during pregnancy、Safety period,For pregnancy、The period of contraception is indispensable assistant。