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Sweet grassThe brand was founded2009Years,Its focus on the new concept of series of rice noodle fast food as the main product structure。Development has begun to take shape and the market effect of the prominent characteristics of Chinese fast food brand,But also the first brand of rice noodle type fast food specializes in。The headquarters of integrated the supply chain upstream and downstream link,Is also a collection of supply, as one of the fast food raw materials production and agent,Make the brand to strong guarantee the supply of proprietary materials。

Sweet grain rice noodle,Rice noodle class fast specializes in brand,To avoid the fierce competition in the traditional fast food like rice flour project,Let you take rice noodle fast food market the brand effect,A、Products monopoly:Health and nutrition,Perfect taste。From the vision、The sense of smell、Taste various aspects do the aroma of pure and characteristics,Are other similar products on the market can not be replaced。Food structure with a reasonable grade,Genuine materials,Soup aroma is rich,Truly healthy, delicious。Products to be able to achieve the requirement of the no soot halogen-light kitchen,Store locations choose not limited。

Since the brand creation,Sweet grassAdhere to the product as the foundation of brand vitality for a change,To promote Chinese food culture as the mission,In order to“To provide the public with real characteristics can eat the food choice”Is the management idea,Mining folk tasty,Fusion of modern fast food elements,With differentiated brand positioning,Created a more in line with the standardization of Chinese diet and eating habits healthy fast food management system,Formed a modern cooking hybrid r&d team of experts and folk artists chef,Continuously investing heavily in product debugging flavors of research and development and the market。 China's catering industry is a shining star。