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Enterprise production cardboard barrels、The whole paper barrel、Membrane barrels、Steel drum、The lining plastic barrels、Closed steel barrel six big series。

The company produces six series: cardboard barrel, full paper barrel, compound membrane barrel, open steel drum, plastic lined bucket and closed steel barrel.

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The company is acted on“Quality first,The service is supreme”The guidelines,Provide high quality products to our clients,Efficient service。

In line with the principle of "quality first, service foremost", the company striving to provide quality products and efficient services to our customers.


    Linhai city SAN Yang packing co., LTD,Was founded2003Years,Is located in linhai city, zhejiang chemical API base Du Qiao industrial park,Factory covers an area of13000Square meters,Construction area of about1000Party。2016Investment in new jiangxi leping SAN Yang packing co., LTD,Leping is located in jiangxi province is located in nanchang、Jiujiang、Jingdezhen golden triangle area,Cover an area of an area6000Square meters...

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    The company has cardboard barrels of ten sets of production lines,Main production cardboard barrelsⅡClass200Kg dangerous packages,Steel barrel of three production lines,The main production steel drumIAnd classⅡClass,Closed steel barrel and gangsu composite barrel216Kg belowⅠAnd classⅡSuch dangerous packages,Can be customized various specifications of the butter bucket、Stainless steel tanks,The average annual production capacity of200More than ten thousand only...

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Steel drum which classification?Steel drum classification characteristics and the advantages of the material


       Steel drum is mainly for the steel,Compared with other metals,Steel source is rich,Energy consumption and cost is low,Still accounts for the metal first,Packing is mainly low carbon steel sheet steel。Low carbon steel sheet has good plasticity and ductility,Good manufacturability cooperage,Have excellent comprehensive protective performance。One of the biggest steel...

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