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Haikou city hazen electronic technology co., LTD

Engineering projects:13976348085  Chen Gong

Engineering technology:13707517587  Chen Gong

LEDWholesale:13876248640  Melchor

LEDWholesale:13519888337  Melchor

After-sales service:13617545805  Li Gong 

Machine fax:0898-68648057

Address:Haikou xiuying district of white pond starfish kindergarten near the road

The exhibition hall:Haikou xiuying district YuZhong sea line20On the second floor


About us

  Haikou city hazen electronic technology co., LTD  Is a comprehensive high-tech enterprises(With the construction qualification,ISO,CCC,FCC,CE,ROHS,CQCCertification such as patent and test report),The specialty is engaged in the research and development,Manufacturing,SalesLEDApplication products and related engineering services。Our main products are:LEDDisplay screen-Single and double color full-color series(IndoorP1.2,P1.6,P1.9,P2,P2.5,P3,P3.91,P4,P4.81,P5--OutdoorP3.91,P4,P5,P6,P8,P10,Energy saving screen,The curtain screen,Grille screen,Transparent screen,Flexible screens,Stage and screen,LEDOn both sides)。Outdoor lighting lighting(Line lights,Guardrail tube/Digital tube、A point source、Throw light/Shoot the light、Wash the wall lamp、Cross lights、Tower lamp,Meteor shower,Lighting lamp series,LEDLight band/Article lamp,LEDDiffuse reflection, etc)。LEDSolar and wind energy complementary lamps,The light,Stage lighting,LEDIndoor lamp is acted the role of household/Commercial lighting lamps and lanterns。Widely used in outdoor advertising media and outdoor lighting,Indoor and outdoor lighting and decoration,Display advertising,Urban landscape lighting,Automotive lighting and other fields。For our companyLEDDisplay small spacing and municipal designs city-lighting landscape lighting and solar street light--Spend a lot of money to do research and development technology,To ensure that the quality is stable and durable,To keep10Good service for many years!
For our companyLEDEngineering production of large commercial plaza,The hotel,The real estate,Home buyers/Property company available paved with aggravation house transactionsLEDThe payment!

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