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About us

Fujian quanzhou bump precision machinery co., LTD., founded in1995Years,Is a taiwan-funded enterprises in the domestic scale industrial enterprise specialized in manufacturing knitting machines,Computer technology was applied to knitting machinery,Collection development、Development and production of technology-oriented enterprises。

The company is located in quanzhou luojiang district wanan anda north road industrial zone,The total amount of investment960Thousands of dollars,The registered capital510Thousands of dollars,Standard workshop1.5Wanm2,The existing engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers200More than one。The company has Japan、Germany、Made in Taiwan1.5m~3mVertical computer processing center、Horizontal computer processing center、Computer milling planer、Computer vertical lathe、High-speed computer engraving machine、Gear hobbing machine、The washing machine、CNC grinding machine and so on a number of very advanced machine tools。The company relies on the introduction of advanced computer technology and production equipment constantly,Accumulated years of experience in mechanical manufacturing technology and knitting weaving,On both sides to cooperate in manufacturing all kinds of high performance、High speed bump thousands knitting machines,About half of them export to southeast Asia、The Middle East、America and Europe market,Is one of the knitting machine export manufacturer in China。

Company's existing four categories of CNC machinery products:One kind is all kinds of middle and high end computer circular knitting machine,This is our main product,Existing products50More varieties,Nearly four hundred kinds of specifications of products:Including self-developed single、Double-sided computer jacquard machine、Single six colors automatically change color machine、Single six color changes color computer jacquard machine、Work surface three towel call line computer jacquard machine、One automatic color change computer jacquard lining machine and double automatic color computer jacquard machine and other series of computer knitting machine products;New research and development of double loop transfer of upper computer jacquard knitting machine belongs to domestic initiative,Has a strong market competitiveness。The second category of products are high-grade computer hosiery machine,The products include the tablet computer hosiery machine,Any loop computer hosiery machine,Computer hosiery machine,Computer duplex into arbitrary looped yarn hosiery machine, etc,Several products are domestic initiative,And obtained a number of patents。The third kind of product is newly developed in the first three work computer seamless underwear machine series products,Products has received good reviews from the outside world,And exported to at home and abroad。The fourth class is flat knitting machine series products,The company has various types of flat knitting machine products:Such as1+1System double jacquard computer flat knitting machine WF-80CJKD、Single system computer flat knitting machineWF-52CJS、Double system computer flat knitting machineWF-52CJD、Single head high speed computer woven collar machineWF-52SJ、1+1Computer woven collar machineWF-80DJ,The other company in the near future research and development2+2System double stereo vamp knitting machine WF-52CJD-XMPatents were obtained,Well received in the market。

Company is the domestic knitting machinery factory with a complete range of research and development strength and the product of one of the manufacturers,Among the best in the same factory。The company always adhere to the road of independent innovation,Take the market as the guidance,Continuously improve product quality and technological content,A number of scientific and technological achievements have been obtained,In the process of research and development of new products,The company has applied for51Patents,To get the advantage in the product innovation,And is evaluated “Xinghuo technology innovation center fujian knitting machinery industry”、“Technological innovation to guide engineering innovative enterprises in fujian province” 、“Little giant of science and technology in fujian province”、“Science and technology enterprises in fujian province”Such as the honorary title。The company also pays attention to the construction of the brand,Continuously improve enterprise brand awareness,Successively obtained“Well-known trademarks in quanzhou city”、 “Trademark in fujian province”、“Products in fujian province”And so on the title。

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