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Ningxia yinchuan river is nc machine tool co., LTD1965According to central strategy to strengthen the construction of three lines,Upright drilling workshop will Shen Yangzhong express people's friendship factory relocated to ningxia。  

1991Years river move to machine tool plant in ningxia yinchuan, ningxia xingqing district silver cross road403Number,Located in the picturesque north unity square。2008At the beginning,As companies continue to grow stronger,River machine move in a state-level economic and technological development zone people out east road72Number,Build a new plant and office building。After 40 years of struggle for many years,In metal cutting machine tool design、On the development and manufacturing has accumulated rich experience,Become one of the 32 backbone enterprises in the machine tool industry of China,Is the design、Manufacturing at home and abroad with advanced levels of honing machine、Nc honing machine、CNC vertical drilling machine、Nc drilling and milling center、Horizontal machining center、Gantry machining center、CNC combination and special machine tools and vertical drilling machine large 2 kinds of enterprises。

Company with the product structure adjustment and high proportion of nc machine tools,Enterprise of high-grade CNC machine tool proportion is rising,New product ChanZhiLv averaged60%The above,High-grade numerical control rate56%The above,60%More high-grade CNC machine to contemporary domestic leading advanced level of similar products,A good team to become the domestic machine tool industry。High-grade CNC honing machine is a sino-foreign joint venture of henan zhongyuan auspicious Kane cylinder liner co., LTD,In the central plains with unmanned automatic line,Yangzhou cylinder liner partial multiple sourcing co., LTD,Base in Germany, Mr Blog compressor co., LTD、Anhui quanjiao、In wenzhou, zhejiang province、Shandong users around the world to give a good evaluation。

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Ningxia yinchuan river nc machine tool co., LTD《High-grade CNC honing machine》A complete acceptance through technology

Ningxia yinchuan river hosted by nc machine tool co., LTD“High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment”Major projects of science and technology projects《High-grade CNC honing machine》Pass by"High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment"Science and technology major projects do organize domestic relevant experts of technical acceptance。

The river machine tool plant( products:The river of machine tool,Honing machine,Nc honing machine,CNC vertical drilling machine,Nc drilling and milling center
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