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  • UType of spring
  • Torsional spring series
  • Tension spring series
  • Spring series
  • Pull hook
  • Bolt
  • Die springs
  • Compression spring

High quality·Safer and more reliable·More environmentally friendly

A.j. green brand·Innovation all the time·Consistent quality

The domestic level

ISO9001:2000Quality management system certification

Strong technical force

The production equipment is complete,The use of advanced testing instruments, etc

Product best-selling all over the world

Professional for the global market to provide high quality spring products

Professional team

Have professional and technical personnel20More than

A.j. green
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Looking for changzhou spring factory,Wuxi spring factory,Jiangyin spring factory,Zhenjiang spring factory,Yangzhou spring factory,Sofa spring factory,Auto parts sping factory in changzhou a.j. green precision spring factory.Changzhou a.j. green precision spring co., LTD,After decades of development and management,Strong technical force,The production equipment is complete,Using testing instrument,Digital display type spring tension、Pressure、The torsion、Strength、Hardness、Metallographic testing machine, etc。Products throughISO9001:2000Quality management system certification

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