Jinjiang city of fujian province Evergrande paper-plastic co., LTD. Is located in jinjiang city of fujian province economic development zone),Is a company specializing in the production of woven bag、Color printing bag、Brown paper bag、The bucket、Oil barrels、Ink barrels、Food barrels and other products of high-tech enterprises。The company covers an area of50m,It happened50000More than square meters of modern garden-like factory。

Company existing staff200Many people,Equipped with a dust-free workshop,It happened6Gravure color printing production line,4Composite production line,From the film、Sewing、Printing one-stop woven bag production equipment。

The company to build12Article in the southeast coastal region's most advanced fully automatic injection molding machine production line,It can produce plastic buckets、Ink barrels、Oil barrels、Food barrel、Waterproof paint barrels and other kinds of packaging barrels、Layout design、Screen printing, thermal transfer, etc;At the same time the company to provide all kinds of“Private custom”Service,Can produce according to customer's request, “Only you unexpected,No we can't do”。

Our company is committed to a career in professional plastic packaging production,After many years of careful management,With a number of superior plastic raw materials supply channels,Raw material price advantage is obvious。The company has always been to“High quality,Low price,Warm service”For the purpose,Make the company get a rapid development,In the same trade now has developed into the southeast coastal areas,Product categories、The most complete specifications of the industrial enterprises above designated size。

Company products are real,Market price advantage is very outstanding,Combined with the good faith、Professional dedication、Warm service team,In the plastic packaging industry With very strong competitiveness。At present our company product sales has covered the whole central China,In south China,Products favored by customers and praise。 The company has won“Product quality trustworthy unit”、“Advanced private enterprise”、“Contract keeping promises units”Such as the honorary title。“Quality The first、Service first、Reputation first”Is the purpose of Evergrande paper-plastic co., LTD,Welcome the clients at home and abroad、People from all walks of life、The new and old customers In the guidance,To discuss cooperation、A total of figure revitalization!… [To check the details]

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