Catic weihai shipyard co., LTD., formerly known as shandong weihai shipyard,Was built in1951Years,For the provincial key industrial enterprises。The company occupies land area140Square meters、Waters165Square meters、QQCT1850M;It happened5Each berth1Seat,Equipped with400TGantry crane,10Two ton dock,Equipped with respectively800TAnd400TGantry crane,The masons20Each of the following kinds of ships,Shipbuilding capacity100Million ton。
    The company through quality、The environment、Occupational health and safety and energy management system certification,Self-support right of import and export、Enterprise technology centers recognized by the shandong province、Industry technology centers recognized by the shandong province,2014In accord with《Ship industry standard conditions》Companies list。
    Since1998Build the province's first ship - export820TEUAfter the container ship,For Germany、The Netherlands、Greece、Canada、Countries such as Japan mass construction9.25Ten thousand tons of bulk carriers、1300TEUContainer ship、3600Tons of refined oil ship, etc。2014Years in Marine engineering,Built for Egyptian owner225FTZiSheng self-propelled type life platform。Have to deliver all kinds of ships400Ship。Has won“Provincial advanced enterprise”、“Good faith enterprise in shandong province”、“The shipping industry in shandong province advanced enterprises”And so on the title,Continuous17In weihai municipal party committee、The city government awarded civilized unit。
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