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Shenzhen east meijia office equipment co., LTD

Professional office equipment maintenance,Office supplies wholesale monopoly,The copier printer sales

Shenzhen east meijia office equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in office equipment sales maintenance rental in shenzhen area of local companies。Company is mainly engaged in copier,Printing,The printer,The fax machine,Computer and other modern office equipment and CCTV,Program-controlled telephone switching systems, office equipment leasing and marketing as the core,To become the best office system solutions provider。Digital copier rental200Yuan,A single service80Yuan。

Company set up over the years,To customer first,Attentively service spirit of enterprise continuous development in longgang district。Has been in longgang,Cross,Ping shan has large service centers,Company combined with customer service experience for many years。To provide customers with the optimization of the office system solutions for the core value,In a professional,Focus,Concentrate on the service spirit,Sets up the enterprise image,To win customers praise and trust。

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